Presentation of the Artist

Isn’t it true that one should not hesitate to change career dramatically several times in a lifetime? In any case, this is what Aimé has done. A graduate from INSA (electronic engineer), he topped this training with IAE in Aix en Provence (MBA) and followed a busy professional path to switch some years ago to a painter-sculptor activity.

He started as a seismology engineer at the Monaco Scientific Centre, and quickly turned to an organisation advisor engineer, that appeared closer to his training and tastes. He worked in France as well as Africa and Mexico. Self-questioning the quality of his advice, he decided to apply them on his own and created an IT service company that soon was the European leader in its field. He simultaneously set up a small plane rental company, thus joining his passion to business.

New and last orientation, he stopped his previous activities to dedicate himself to Arts. Faithful to his pioneering spirit, he couldn’t restrain himself to a single discipline, and therefore exercised watercolour as well as pastels, oil chinaware decoration, or even sculpture and the stained glasses.

His portraits, common people, sanguine or pastel, show a great softness and reflect the personalities of his models thanks to the depth in the look of their eyes.

watercolours unite the softness of the portraits, and the strong Mediterranean temperament of his oils.

Water, generally the sea, is all-present in his landscapes with Southern colours, even when painting

Deeply shocked by the attack of the 11th of September 2001, he created within two days
a bust to the memory of the victims of World Trade Center. The right side of this bust represents a healthy intact face, that of a survivor, whose eyes are lost in the infinity of his thoughts. This extremely moving look emphasizes the immensity of distress of human beings facing the absurdity of other beings. The left side is atrociously mutilated, as thousands of miserable people who lost their lives probably were. In this half, the skull is opened on the terrible image haunting all spirits, that of a Bin Laden spitting a plane on a burning tower.

An eclectic, well rounded artist, he does not try to create a “style”, but does what interests him when he feels like it. His freedom arises from artistic activities.